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Hi and welcome on! 
Here is how you can order your crystal in very few steps, and you'll see: it's EASY :-)
1. Browse through our different crystals 
Few things to take into account when you choose it: check your picture! Will it look better horizontally or vertically? Is it fit for the crystal you like? In most cases, we can edit your picture to make it fit in the crystal of your choice, but just keep that in mind.
2. The 2D to 3D modelisation of your picture
We need to know how many people (or pets, or whatever) will have to be processed on the picture, you can do that easily: 
A - Upload your picture
B - Indicate the number of people you want to modelise on the picture
C - And you can also provide us with some additional information for your engraving, for example adding a sentence - which is free of charge, or any other info you think is useful to provide us with.
3. Your personal info page
Please here fill up the necessary information for us to better take care of your order and the delivery.
- Your personal informations and delivery address:
4. Payment options 
You can pay via paypal, with credit card, by bank deposit or COD.
- If you're not sure about your order and would like to contact us before, no worries: just choose bank deposit, complete your order and we will get in touch with you - this isn't committing you to pay for it if you finally decide to not go ahead :-)
- If you're sure about you're order, just complete your payment... and we will get in touch with you too :-)
And... voila! The delivery time is between 2 to 4 days depending on your location.
Don't forget you can always contact us through Messenger for any help you may need :-)
The Team

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