How does it work ?

Custom-made 2D&3D engraving with laser technology

What is 2D Engraving?

2D Engraving is used to represent ‘flat’ photographs and logos inside the crystal. Although the 3rd dimension (depth) is ‘missing’, having a photograph or corporate identity engraved inside the crystal is still a unique and fascinating concept. ‘How did you get that picture inside the glass?’ is the modern day ship in a bottle… 


How about 3D Engraving?

3D Engraving is the term for an engraving inside a block of crystal that represents an image/article 3 dimensional. You will be able to view the engraving as an object from whichever angle you look at it. We have a range of standard designs available, but can also make unique, bespoke models to order. 3D engraving is ideal for corporate and personal gifts alike, and our sporting designs make supreme trophies and awards.

3d laser engraving philippines

From 2D picture to 3D engraving: it's possible!

We all have a special souvenir, a precious picture we always want to have and remember: wedding, birth, family gathering, graduation, loved ones… You can now just send us your picture and we will transform it into 3D then engrave it 180º in the crystal block of your choice: the effect is amazing and will surely revive memories you never want to lose or forget!

How do I order?

When you have chosen the product you want to engrave, just upload your picture and indicate us how many people will have to be modelized from 2D to 3D. 

You can also provide us with addtional information for your engraving, like adding text. 

In the checkout, you will be able to indicate to which address you want it delivered. Please allow us from 24 to 72h for delivery - it may vary depending on where you want it.

Thanks and enjoy 3D laser engraving !