About Us

This is a service that has never been shown in the Philippines yet !

We are combining new technology, art and love of people.

Experienced of more than 20 years in the Philippines working with top corporate foreign and local groups, we decided to open a new company named Cuby Tener Solutions Inc., that is now the first to bring in the country the latest available 3D laser engraving technology. That’s how we created the brand : 3D Crystal.

Whether it is 2D or 3D, we engrave in crystal all the best souvenirs or portraits of people one would like to remember. The service is also available for awards, events, or corporate giveaways. We use the highest quality of crystal to guarantee the printing output at its best.

In a nutshell, our purpose at 3D Crystal is about sharing experiences with our customers and partners, playing a part in the greatest moments of their life.